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Hope Haven facilities have some guidelines regarding clients, electronics, medications, and visitors.


Family Weekends

Families are encouraged to visit and spend a few hours with their loved one on Saturdays and Sundays. We offer a “Family Education Group” and encourage all new clients and families to attend. Appointments are available on Sundays for all clients and their loved ones for individual counseling sessions.

Client Expectations

Behavior: Clients are encouraged to use self-control in the management of their behaviors. We have a zero tolerance policy for violent, aggressive, or intimidating behavior.

Life Skills: In addition to treatment, clients have daily obligations and expectations that assist in teaching life skills and ensure the Hope Haven community runs smoothly. 

Electronics: During Primary Care clients are not allowed to use mobile/smart phones or computers/pads/tablets while on the premises. If they leave for a doctor’s appointment they may take their phone. Hope Haven computers are available in the study area for all clients. During Transitional Treatment clients may use personal computers and personal phones when seeking housing and employment.

Medications: All medications are kept in a locked storage cabinet. Clients must take them consistent with labeled instructions and doctor's orders. Medication is handled through supervised self-administration. All staff have been trained in Medication Administration as required per the State of Wisconsin.

We perform random urine analysis test throughout the week. Every client is tested at least twice each week.