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Hope Haven provides Pet Therapy as an effective way of helping our clients communicate deep-seated emotions and build self-esteem. 

For any number of reasons, clients sometimes become anxious and that’s when a pet can support their treatment like no other therapy. Many people begin their recovery by relating to an animal that unconditionally accepts them for who they are now, not who they were. Simply being near a pet or playing with them reduces anxiety and helps clients focus on things other than their problems.

Therapy animals enable our clients at North Bay Lodge to open-up and express feelings they haven’t yet been able to share with a therapist. As the relationship grows, the pet can develop a sense of the client’s emotions and react accordingly. The pet will move closer to the client when they need support or play when they’re relaxed.
Pet therapy is both a learning and healing experience that leads to lower stress, anxiety and tension while building trust, patience and a sense of empowerment.