Stages of Change

Using Stages of Change, Hope Haven tailors a client's addiction treatment to match the stage they are experiencing. 

The Stages of Change are defined as the following:

  • The Precontemplation Stage is when an individual denies or minimizes her substance abuse problems.
  • At some point she acknowledges that she has a problem and will consider making changes; this is the Contemplation Stage.
  • It may take a while or a single event that gets the individual to make a commitment to overcome their substance abuse. When this occurs they’ve moved to the Preparation Stage and treatment can begin.
  • During primary treatment the client is in the Action Stage. At this time she is learning and living new behaviors as her body goes through a recovery process too.
  • Once she’s learned the tools to recovery and sobriety, she enters the Maintenance Stage where she lives day-to-day, putting to use what she has learned.

Each client moves through the Action and Maintenance stages at their own pace and we tailor our treatment accordingly.