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Primary alcohol and drug treatment at North Bay Lodge 
Adult men and women.

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During Primary Treatment, a client’s total focus is on recovery, 24 hours a day.
Our program is highly structured with up to 25 hours each week of evidenced-based counseling in group and individual sessions.
Additional lectures teach clients about their disease and the skills they must develop to live with it.
We provide Preparation for Employment for clients that are unemployed and assist in securing stable housing for their continuing care. 

Primary treatment is located at North Bay Lodge, just off the peaceful shores of Lake Mendota in Madison, Wisconsin.
Facility amenities include: park-like setting, private rooms available, made from scratch meals, and on-site laundry.
The average stay is three to four weeks and costs $175 per day. 

The fee includes:

Up to 25 hours each week of evidence based counseling


Room and board - three meals per day

Mindfulness Meditation

Healing Yoga 

Art therapy

Canine Assisted therapy

Family sessions

Random drug testing

Preparation for Employment

Support in securing housing

Transitional Treatment

Men at Chris Farley House  -  Women at North Bay Lodge
Madison, Wisconsin

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Transitional Treatment is a critical time in an individual’s recovery, as they face temptations and
deal with situations using the relapse prevention skills learned in primary treatment.
This is when clients gain confidence in their ability to succeed and develop new habits and the support systems they need stay sober.
During this time, they benefit from evidence based counseling and professional support to help them get over rough spots and deal with set-backs. 

While in transitional treatment, clients go to work, look for a job, attend school and are in the community.
They return each evening for dinner, counseling, and to sleep. Our support staff is onsite 24 hours a day. 
Primary treatment is not required to receive transitional treatment.
Many clients have completed outpatient treatment,
but need a clean break from their environment and benefit from the counseling and support
as they practice their relapse prevention skills.

Call (608) 251-8881 for more information.

Cost for transitional treatment is $125 per day and includes:

Up to 12 hours each week of evidence based counseling
Room and board – three meals per day
Random drug testing
Preparation for Employment
Support in securing housing

Transitional treatment is at North Bay Lodge for women and men, and Chris Farley House for men only. 

Many clients move from Transitional Treatment to a sober living house following treatment. 

What's the difference between Transitional Treatment and Sober Living...click here. 


Transitional Treatment leads to sober living.

Hope Haven Transitional Treatment vs. Sober Living Houses


Hope Haven Transitional Treatment

Sober Living House

(men only at Chris Farley House)

Accepts all Adults


Individualized Relapse Prevention Plan



Evidence-based Treatment

12+ Hours/Week


24 Hour Professional Support



Daily Responsibilities





Preparation for Employment



Resources to Secure Housing



UA and/or Drug Testing

2-7 Times/Week


In-House AA/NA Support




3 Times Daily


Typical Length of Stay

30-90 Days




Depends on House


Primary treatment at the North Bay Lodge is intense and highly structured for individuals who have completed detox. Clients receive treatment, learn about their disease and learn skills to live a sober life.


After completing primary treatment they move on to transitional treatment at either North Bay Lodge (for both men and women) or Chris Farley House (men only). In transitional treatment clients get to practice the skills they learn while still receiving treatment and assistance while looking for stable housing and meaningful employment.



Even though a person is determined to succeed, has undergone therapy, learned sobriety skills and techniques, they still face struggles and can slip. People who have already gone through primary treatment and experience a relapse can receive help from Hope Haven just for transitional treatment.


Chris Farley House is home to 15 men receiving Transitional Treatment in a family setting.

During Transitional Treatment, each client creates his individual Relapse Prevention Plan and puts it into practice while going to work, attending school and being in the community. Each night he returns for group counseling, we provide 12 hours of evidence-based group counseling each week.

In addition, he receives three meals a day, 24-hour support from a professional counselor and assistance securing stable housing. To help them practice personal soft-skills, each
client has house responsibilities that benefit other residents.

If a client is unemployed and plans on staying in Dane County following treatment, he joins our Preparation for Employment program that helps him land a meaningful job. If he’s from out-of-county, he attends Preparation for Employment and works as a volunteer at one of our partner agencies, where he practices the skills of employment that help him obtain a job once he returns to his community.