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Providing affordable and effective
residential alcohol and drug treatment
in Madison, Wisconsin.

We treat adult men and women that have substance use disorder (SUD), many have a dual diagnosis.

At intake, clients must be medically stable and not actively using, they must have completed detox and withdrawal.
We do not accept clients that are on prescriptive narcotics or benzodiazepines.
Suboxone is permitted if the client is on a stable dose.

Clients are required to stay at Hope Haven's North Bay Lodge 24-hours a day during their primary treatment.
They may attend health appointments, they may not attend school.

No one follows the same road to recovery.
We will meet with the prospective client to make an assessment and plan, unique to them, to help manage their addiction and overcome abuse. 
An assessment is usually performed within 24 hours (Monday - Friday we do not do assessments on the weekends).
After the assessment clients are approved by our director and an intake date is usually scheduled within 24 hours.

Clients do not need to be residents of Wisconsin to attend Hope Haven.
Services are comprehensive, affordable, and provided regardless of sexual orientation, religious, ethnic, racial or social background.

Primary Treatment

Hope Haven Facility at North Bay Lodge 

Primary Treatment is provided at our North Bay Lodge location and is intense, structured, and focused.
We use evidence-based practices recognized by SAMHSA. The average stay of a client is 3-4 weeks and costs $260 per day.

Continuing Care

After Care at Hope Haven

Hope Haven provides support to clients who have completed treatment by providing weekly AA and NA meetings.
Past clients can also sign up to receive our Alumni Newsletter.


What to Expect at Hope Haven


Hope Haven Client Guidelines

Our program has guidelines regarding electronics, medications, visitors, etc.

Hope Haven Daily Life in Treatment

We provide a safe, sober, structured environment for our clients.
Daily schedules and nutritious homemade meals help to keep our residents
focused on recovery and incorporate new, healthy habits into their lifestyle.

Hope Haven Family Therapy

We offer a family therapy program called Family Matters
because addiction affects not only the addicted person, but everyone around him or her.

Practicing Mindfulness at Hope Haven

Practicing mindfulness helps our clients be aware of
how their thinking affects their behavior and daily lives.

Hope Haven Preparation for Employment

Each client who needs assistance finding employment completes our Preparation for Employment program.
This six-step process addresses key issues in preparing for and securing employment.

Hope Haven 12 Step Recovery Yoga

One of the most powerful effects of addiction is separation – separation from loved ones, your surroundings, and from one’s self.
Conversely, yoga embodies harmony, stability, and connectedness.

Relapse Prevention Therapy at Hope Haven

Relapse Prevention Therapy teaches individuals how to anticipate and cope with the temptations to relapse.